5 Steps to Get Approved for a Title Loan in San Francisco, CA

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Need a same day approval title loan in San Francisco? At Title Loan Fast, we offer installment title loans online with same day approval throughout the Bay Area and California. Here are the 5 steps you’ll need to take to get a car title loan with same day approval in San Francisco, CA.

1. Check Your Eligibility

First, you need to make sure you’re eligible for a loan at Title Loan Fast. You will need to have:

✓ A free and clear car title in your name
✓ Proof of income and employment
✓ Images of your vehicle (taken during the application process)
✓ An active, open checking account (savings accounts will not work)
✓ Proof of ID and residency

If you meet these qualifications, move on to step 2 to get the cash you need!

2. Apply Online Before 11:00 AM Eastern Time

Click here to begin your application. To get same-day funding for your installment title loan, you will need to have your application approved and will need to send us your car title by 11:00 AM Eastern Time (8:00 AM Pacific Time). Your funds will be deposited on the same day, before your bank closes. If you apply and get approved after 11:00 AM Eastern Time (8:00 AM Pacific Time) you can get your funds by the next business day.

Title Loan Without Bringing in My Car3. Take Photos of Your Car

During the application process, you’ll need to snap a few photos of your car and send them to us so that we can confirm its value and condition. The value of your car will affect the maximum loan amount that we can give to you.

4. Sign Over Your Car Title After Accepting Your Loan

  • If you want same day approval, you will need to take your title and lien form (provided by us via email after your online application is submitted) to your local title office. You will follow the instructions on the form and fill it out, then send us your lien receipt showing Title Loan Fast as the lien holder. Then, we can fund the loan right away.
  • We can also provide you with a FedEx label, which you can use to send us your title and lien form overnight. However, since we can’t send your loan before we get your title, this will mean it will take a day or two to approve your loan.

5. Get Your Cash Right Away

Once we’ve received your car title, we’ll send your loan funds to your bank account, and you can use them to cover your unexpected emergency expenses. You’ll continue driving and using your car like you normally would and will need to repay your loan according to your agreed-upon installment title loan terms.

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If you need quick cash in San Francisco, CA, Title Loan Fast is here to help. Visit our website now to apply right away and get same day approval for your title loan in San Francisco, CA!