Can I Get a Title Loan If the Title Is Signed Over to Me?

Can I Get a Title Loan If the Title Is Signed Over to Me


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In some states, it’s not necessary to get a new car title if you purchase a vehicle from a private seller. Instead, they will simply fill out some basic information on the front and back of the title to transfer ownership – and then the vehicle is yours.

While you can get a new title after doing this in most states, some individuals may simply keep the signed-over title, if this is allowed by state law. But you may be wondering – does this pose an issue if you want to get a title loan? Find out below!

You Can Get a Car Title Loan with a Signed-Over Title – You’re the Legal Owner

Whether you buy a car from a private party, or a friend or family member has signed a car over to you as a gift, you can get a title loan. This is because the process of filling out the title information and signing it over is legally binding – it transfers ownership from the original owner to you.

If you live in a state where you do not have to get a new car title after transfer of ownership, you can continue using the signed-over title for as long as you are allowed by state laws – which is indefinitely, in some cases.

This does not pose an issue if you decide that you want to turn over your car’s title and get an online title loan from Title Loan Fast – you are the legal owner of the vehicle. In addition, if you obtained the vehicle from a private party sale, you do not owe any money on the vehicle – meaning you own it outright, with no liens from a bank or car dealership.

You Cannot Get A Car Title Loan If the Title Is Not in Your Name

It bears mentioning that any car title – whether it’s been signed over or not – must be in your name in order to get a car title loan. Your legal name must be present on the document, as this proves that you are the true owner of the vehicle.

Even if you are a primary driver of a vehicle – and you pay for things like gas, insurance, repairs and so on – you are not the legal owner unless your name is somewhere on the title. This means that it’s impossible to provide you with a car title loan unless the title is in your name.

Know the Facts About Signed-Over Titles and Car Title Loans!

As long as you are the legal owner of a car and the title has been signed over to you, you can get a car title loan online from Title Loan Fast. So get started today – click here, and see if you qualify for our fast, convenient online title loans.