Steps to Take If Your Title Loan Online Application Is Denied in Columbus, Ohio

Title Loan Online Application Denied

If you’ve had an instant title loan online application denied in Columbus, OH, you may be wondering what you should do. There are a few simple steps that we recommend you take to find out why you were denied, and to get the cash you need. Read on and learn more. 

1) Contact the Lender to Learn Why You Were Denied

 If your lender did not tell you why your application was denied, we recommend contacting them right away to learn more. A few common reasons for application denial include:

  • You didn’t meet the lender’s requirements – Each lender has different requirements for title loans online. If your lender requires proof of income, for example, and you cannot prove that you have a job or make a certain amount of money per month, you may be denied. Find out how to get title loans with no income verification here.
  • There are issues with your title – Most title lenders require a “free and clear” title, meaning you do not owe any money on your car. The title also must have your name on the title. If the title is in someone else’s name, you can’t take out a title loan.
  • Your application wasn’t filled out correctly – Improperly entering your Social Security number or other details could trigger an automatic denial, and other issues with your application can stop you from getting approved for a fully title loan online in Columbus, OH.

2) Re-Apply for a Title Loan

Once you know why you were denied, you can take steps to remedy the issue. If you were denied due to filling out the application improperly, for example, you can re-apply and double-check your information. 

3) Find a Different Lender

If you don’t meet a lender’s requirements and can’t re-apply – or are denied a second time – you may want to look for another lender for your installment title loan online. Each lender has different requirements, so it may be possible to find a lender willing to work with you, even if you can’t prove your income or have other issues that have resulted in rejections from other title loan companies.

Contact Us to Get a Title Loan Online in Columbus, OH

If you’ve been denied at other title lenders, Title Loan Fast may be able to help. Contact us online and tell us about your situation, and we’ll do work with you to provide you with a car title loan online in Ohio.

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